Dr. Zlatan Colakovic Homerist, Philologist and Researcher

Dr. Zlatan Colakovic, homerist, philologist, and researcher of south slavic epics. Author of Three Eagles of the Tragic World, Dead Head Utters Words, and Epics of Avdo Medjedovic.

Post-Tradition and the Post-Traditional Homer

  • "A.B. Lord's postulate "And there are no oral singers who are not traditional" (The Singer of Tales, p. 155, Lord's Italics), upon which his own understanding of an "oral traditional" Homer and Mededovic was built, needs revision. The term "tradition," at least among Homerists, needs a new definition, as many of these scholars seem to have taken over this this term from Parry and Lord without due caution............Homer was an oral poet-artist, but he was not a traditional singer of tales. The following seems to me the correct postulate, applicable to the ancient Greek, Bosniac and South Slavic tradition: And there are no traditional, and no post-traditional, singers, who are not oral.” Homer might have dictated his Iliad, and he might have written his Odyssey with his own hand. It makes no difference with respect to his traditionality, or his post-traditionality, or his orality."

- (Dr. Zlatan Colakovic, The Singer above Tales, The Epics of Avdo Mededovic, Volume II) 

Dr. Zlatan Colakovic's groundbreaking theory of post-tradition to the study of oral epic theory is lucidly described in his books, A Dead Head Utters Words, and Epics of Avdo Mededovic, a Critical Edition in Two Volumes.